Dramaturgic and programme areas

In more than fifty years of its existence Hradistan has gone through several distinct stages of its work with folk material. Presently Hradistan focuses on the following programme and dramaturgic areas:



mapping of regional folk traditions in various parts of Moravia (Dolnacko, Hornacko, Kopanice…) 



monitoring of changes of folk art throughout centuries 

historical research into the changes of folk art throughout centuries since the fictions from the history of Slavic dawn to medieval anonymous music, the oral tradition kept in song collections by Frantisek Susil and Frantisek Bartos in the 19th and 20th centuries, reflection of folk art in the works of Czech composers Leos Janacek and Bohuslav Martinu until own compositions by Jiri Pavlica, the artistic director of the Hradistan Dulcimer Band.
(eg. the Great Moravian Chant, songs from the period of the Napoleonic wars – CD ´ There was the Battle  of Austerlitz´, songs from John Comenius Hymn Book, The Velehrad dances from the manuscript by Christian Hirschmenzel from the 17th century…) 


fusion of genres

fusion of folk music and classical music ( CD with The Leos Janacek Chamber Orchestra ´ Peace unto You´ and The Bambini di Praga Children´s Choir ´ Moravian Christmas Carols´ and ´ Singing of Love´ 

fusion of folk music and folk – rock music, collaboration with folk songwriters ( Vlasta Redl, Spiritual kvintet ) – CD ´ Hradistan and AG flek´ and  CD with Spiritual kvintet ´ Vanocni koncert´ 
multi – ethnic collaborations – CD with The Japanese multiinstrumentalist Yas – Kaz ´The  Sunrise´ and most recently a collaboration with the South – African artist Dizu Plaatjies ´ The Cape of Good Hope ´ 
series of CDs from the musical programmes of the Ostrava TV studio ´Sesli se´  

thematic area

musical and dance thematic compositions inspired by folk culture and enriched by new musical and dance features , search for under Programova nabidka

eg. CDs ´ Moravian Outlaw Songs´ , ´ There was the Battle of Austerlitz´ , ´Solstice´ - original music by Jiri Pavlica to the lyrics of the Czech poet Jan Skacel and to folk poetry