Brief characteristics of our musical – dance projects

The below – mentioned projects can be freely combined to make a wide – ranging programme corresponding with organizer´s demands. You can find a picture supplement in the section of photographs (in Czech Fotografie).

The Solstice…what used to be and will have been again

Musical – dance performance inspired by the lyrics of the Czech poet Jan Skacel and folk poetry. This project basically reflects the course of a year and human life. It revives some of the principles respected and worshipped by our ancestors and which are of the same importance for people up to now.
Music: Jiri Pavlica, Choreography: Ladislava Kosikova Lyrics: Jan Skacel and folk poetry

About a man ( and human virtues and vices )

Reflection on human race. The programme about wisdom, vanity, graspingness, profligacy, love and hope.
Music: Jiri Pavlica, Lyrics: Solomon´s Song of Songs and his proverbs, medieval student´s poetry, folk poetry, Choreography: Ladislava Kosikova

From the Silence of Time

The programme inspired by the ancient history of the town of Uherske Hradiste and its region. Various dances and songs will be presented in this programme – e.g.the Great Moravian Chant with the lyrics from the 9th century, dance variations on the dawn of Slavic history, dances from the Velehrad monastery, songs and dances of the urban folk of Uherske Hradiste and others.
Music: Jiri Pavlica Choreography: Ladislava Kosikova

Hidden Secrets – images inspired by the motifs of saints from a folk calendar

By means of prayers and pleas to a row of saints – St. George, St. Francis Xaversky, St. Anthony, St. Rochus, St. John – we turn to the order of nature and human life trying to solve the conflicts of a man and the world.

About Love

Musical and dance interpretation of Moravian love songs dealing with both love´s bright and dark sides, love fulfilled and unrequited, viewed from the humorous and tragic angles.